Friday, 12 September 2014

Are we responsibly ( News article)

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                                                  Are They Responsible?
Pt England School

Here in the heart of Auckland at  Pt England School students have chromebooks that they use for learning. Some kids even take them home.

They learn on line. They have a whole range of digital tools and apps which they use to create cool things. Some of the apps  are google docs, gmail and blogger. They mainly use blogger to share their learning.

Marilyn a Pt England student and a Chromebook user says “That we take them home to learn more”. When they take it home they not only use it to learn after school but in the weekends and in the holidays. They don't just take it home to learn but its a good way for their parents to see what they are learning. Mrs Garden one of the team leaders at Pt england school has said that using Chromebooks has most definitely improved the kids learning more than normal pencil and paper.  

What do they do on their chromebooks you are asking? Well they often create a digital movie or animation to explain what they have been learning. Having their own access to the internet means they don't have to wait or wonder what to do next; they can follow their own learning pathway most of the time.

It won't be long until all students in
New Zealand have one of their own.

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