Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Video conference with Hawaii'n school

Today The extension students and Mrs Lagitupu had a video conference with Kea'au elementary school and Nanakuli Elementary school.  First we told them information about us and New Zealand like our native plants and animals also what we do and how we learn here at Pt England school. They told us about there school.

 The reason we did this was because the Hokule'a a double hulled canoe is arriving at our local reserve Pt England reserve they are coming from Hawaii and we wanted to learn about Hawaii and the way they learn at there schools school. The voyages on the Hokule'a are using traditional navigation methods they will be arriving on the 24th of march

The first school we talked to was Nanakuli elementary, The way they learn there is all in Hawaiian language and they teach very little English and other language. At Kea'au Elementary because they are a public school they have so many children from different countries and speak different languages they do speak Hawaii along with English. We all got a opportunity to ask questions and to collaborate together.

Not so long ago A volcano had erupted in Hawaii and some of the children and there families had lived near the volcano. A lot of them had to relocate and live in different places because the lava was spreading closer and closer to there houses sometimes in the morning the ashes might just be in there front yard it would have been very scary for those families. I am very fascinated in Hawaii language and the way they learn I can't wait to learn more!!

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