Friday, 20 March 2015

Polyfest 2015 recount

JPEG ImageIt was the sunny morning of the 19th of march 2015 the birds were singing and the sun was Shining bright. It was the day the Yr 7 and 8 students from Pt england school where about to make history because it was the first ever time People had gone to polyfest as a class.

When we had arrived at polyfest we were greeted with lovely ASB ladies  (The polyfest is sponsored by ASB) and Flava the radio station. There was a surprise guest can you guess who it was........................ too late I’ll tell you it was the John key

JPEG ImageMy first favourite thing was doing all the activities and getting the free gifts. we got free crackers, free Milk and a free goodie bag.

Displaying IMG_0024.JPGMy second favourite thing was learning about my culture and other peoples culture. I am half Cook island and half Maori we didn’t get to see a lot of cook island but we saw a little of the Maori performances.

My third favourite was going to look around in our groups of 8 or 7. All of the classes got into groups and the parent helpers took us  around to all the stalls and got to do anything we wanted.

I can’t wait till next year I hope I will get to perform for the Cook island performances soon.

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