Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Writing recont

Here is my writing test that I did we had to do a recont about a specail time that we shared with our family.

The pilot had just announced that “We will be landing soon”. It was the first time I had ever gone to australia and I went there with my family we had gone to Brisbane and stayed in a hotel. They have lots of theme parks there. I couldn’t wait I was jumping with joy we had landed early in the morning. When we landed me and my sister could not wait to see the theme parks we wanted to ride all of the rides and try all of the australian cuisine. Did you know that australia has so many different rides? They have so many theme parks like wet and wild, Dreamworld I could go on for days.
 It was the next morning and me my mum, dad and sister went downstairs to the restaurant where we had breakfast. My sister and I where so eager to get on the rides but we had to wait till the afternoon. The time had come we traveled to the theme parks  I had to go to the Junior area cause I was to short for most of the rides my sister got to go on the scooby doo ride that looked cool. We took heaps of photos to show the rest of the family. Night had fallen and It was time to go to bed because we needed lots of energy for tomorrow.

It was morning once again and today we went to the Zoo It was cool we saw lots of different animals. My favourite animal is an elephant, Panda and Monkeys. A Koala is one of the australian native animals along with the kangaroo. we got to take a photo of when my mum and I got to hold a koala . I got upset when I didn't get to hold it my mum said “That their nails dig into you and that they leave little scratches on you”. My dad and sister got to hold a real live snake I was worried that something bad might happen but the snake was calm and tamed so their was nothing to worry about.

We went to the theme parks one more time than It was time to head back home to new zealand. When we left the hotel for the final time we checked back if we left anything we didn’t find anything. So we grabbed our tickets and headed to the airport where we checked in and grabbed a little bite for the flight. I enjoyed our trip and I am looking forward to the next time we go.

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