Sunday, 1 May 2016

Book Review

Here I have done a book review on a book named The Fantastic Mr fox. I have read through the book and then answered these questions. This presentation will tell you the main characters and their Characteristic,  The setting, The plot, Different ways of solving the problem, How I would rate this book and my connection towards this story. I differently enjoyed this book I think this would would be one of my favourite books because its full of lots of Adventure and Mystery. So if you haven't already I differently suggest that you should read this book :) .


  1. Hi Ariana,
    This is a great blogpost about your book review, I like how you have actually took the time to read the book and to write a review about the book,Fantastic Mr Fox. You have put in great detail and I like the way you have used you imagination to complete this blogpost.

    From Yvonne

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