Friday, 21 October 2016

Practise Test

At school we did a practise test for writing, our teacher gave us a photo and we got to write a narrative about it. You can see that they are different colours. The blue ones mean they are simple sentences, the orange mean compound sentences and the pink mean there complex sentences. We also planned using TOPS.

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Title: Talking tree
Orientation: A homeless girl goes to the talking tree for guidance
Problem: She loses her dog and gets lost looking for him
Solution: the tree helps Mary find her dog

All alone on the streets lives a young girl named Mary. She had been thrown out of her house; now living homeless. The only family she has is her pet dog she found wandering in the streets. Mary was always anxious and shy. The only friend she really had was her talking tree. She would always go to the tree that lived up on top of the hill overlooking the village below. Mary would go with her dog (Fluffy) and they would stay up there and talk forever with the tree. She felt safe when she was with the tree.

One night Mary walked down the hill where the tree lived when.... Fluffy run off. Mary chased after Fluffy but Fluffy was to fast. After running and searching for Fluffy Mary got tired so she sat down in a dark alleyway to have a rest but ended up falling off to sleep.

The next day came and Mary was still sleeping.  All of a sudden she got a massive headache and felt like she could hear voices all around her but no one was their. She was confused.  She could just pick out a voice saying “Calm down Mary it’s just me the tree”, “What the tree that I always talk to?” Replied Mary.“Yes now go find Fluffy! I can see her she’s in the market next to that old man who sells ice cream ”, “Ok thanks” said Mary. Mary sprinted over to the old man who sells fruit and vegetables. Their Fluffy was, she was just lying down on the ground eating. She was just Hungry (like always).

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