Thursday, 15 September 2016

Hiwi the kiwi

Hiwi the kiwi had came to town to visit our school Pt England. The Minstrel and his wife came along to teach us more about caring for our kaimoana (Seafood) and our sea. They told us how to fish for the future.

One way you can help prevent the extinction of sea life is to always have a wet towel on board at all times. Why you wonder? Well because we have oils and bacteria in our hands and skin and fishes have a sort of sun block type layer on their flesh so when we touch them with our bare hands we rub off their layer and sometimes they can die.

Another way to fish for the future is to take a ruler with you to measure how long your fish is. We need to do this because if catch a fish that is under the legal measurement then you would need to pay a fine and the fishes won't get enough time to grow bigger so that it can breed and make more fish. If it is too big you can take it home but it would be good to leave it in the water cause it might be pregnant and might have more babies.

Hiwi the kiwi was great, The Minstrel and his wife taught us heaps. It was fun and got us singing and laughing.

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