Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Rio Olympics photo Nararritive

Here in Literacy we had to choose any picture to do with the Olympics, I choose this one and wrote a narrative about.

“Ahhhh” Yelled Julie in her head, she was nervous because they were about to start the race. She had trained for four years!! Julie and the rest of the athletes were stretching and getting themselves ready. One of the race starters said “Ok it’s time girls line up into your lanes.” Once they were all lined up Julie felt anxious and a bit sick. She could feel the crowd buzzing with excitement.

GO. All the Athletes started sprinted through the first lap and the second as well, but on the last lap Julie was in the lead suddenly a cat ran onto the track. Everyone in the stands stood in silence. This could ruin her chance of winning. Julie didn’t know what to do she was worried she was going to run it over. When she came closer to the cat she jumped over the it and won the race. The Crowd cheered.

 As she stood on the podium to receive her medal she saw in the distance the cat that was on the track. Julie felt as if she had known that cat forever. She went to get the cat and saw that it didn’t belong to anyone so she decided to take it home. She then adopted it and named him Sam.


  1. Good work Ariana it tell me that you can do a lot more and that you work so hard keep it up...

  2. Hi Ariana,
    I Loved Reading your Writing, It is Interesting.
    Keep up the great job. Looking Forward to your next Post