Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Diary entry

Day One

While I wave my family goodbye tears trickle down my face I was heading off to repeat a historic journey. I was one of the crew members aboard the Te Aurere we were sailing to Rapanui ( Easter island). Today is day one of our journey and we have already encountered a few bad waves.  We are using traditional navigation methods like the stars and the sea swells and even simple things like what directions the birds flew.

We have already predicted that we will be on sea for a while and won't reach land for a few weeks or months. So we have packed and gathered as much food and resources as we can for the journey. When it got stormy and rainy we wore modern wet weather gear to stay warm and dry. When It got stormy it was hard to navigate especially at night because the clouds would block the stars and we needed the stars to travel.  The stars is one of the navigation methods that we use to travel because the stars stay in one spot and the northern and southern hemisphere join in with the stars. The stars were our GPS and our maps.  The navigator had hardly any sleep because he had to wake up early and stay up late to help guide the waka in the right directions

Day thirty

Thirty days now I have been on this waka and me and some of the other voyages are feeling sea sick with all of these swaying left and right and up and down. We can barely concentrate on one thing. We are slowly running out of food and we are eating less each day. I am so looking forward to getting to an island quick so that we can stock up on resources.
As we are getting closer to the island we are all feeling excited. We are about to have dinner soon we are trying to catch some fish with our wooden spares that we made out of sticks that were floating in the water. The captain has just announced that it should take about 4 days till we reach Rapanui. I am looking forward to when we reach Rapanui we will have retraced a historic journey.

Here is a Checklist of thing we would need
.First aid kit
.Clothes for a mixture of weather conditions.
.Life jacket
.Fishing rod
.Repair builder

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