Monday, 2 February 2015

First day at school

It's the first day at school and I loved it. This year I am in form 1, year 7. I have just started Intermediate and I am in class 3 my home class teacher is Mrs Tele'a. Shes cool, I have other teachers too their  names are Mr Wiseman, Miss Poeta, Miss Clark and Miss Moala. We have literacy classes and we get a different teacher for that class and that's the same with Maths I don't know who mine are all I know is who my home teacher is. Every term we have a different enquiry and every year we have a new korero for the year this year It's MATAPONO E which is Maori for keep It real. My goals for this year is to be chosen to be a Prefect.


  1. Ariana I really liked your writing, I can't believe were in year 7 now. I'm so glad were in the same class together. How was your first day at school?

  2. Hey Ariana,

    It is so cool being in intermediate and being a year 7. I'm so glad that You, Brooklyn, and I are in the same class. I am sure that you will be one of the chosen Prefects next year.