Friday, 27 February 2015

Holidays Highs and lows

Here is a photo of my highs and lows of my Holidays. The green represents the highs nd the Purple represents the lows.


Cook islands
The church that we go to
One of my highs of the holidays was when we went to the Cook Islands. We stayed for 2 weeks. For the first two or three days we stayed in rarotonga (Tutakimoa). Then we went on another plane to an little island called Mitiaro. Mitiaro is the fourth island in the cook islands. It use to be called Nukuroa. Here is where most of my cook island family live. It was cool there, we went swimming in the cave pools a lot. We mostly swam in Vae Nuari. We stayed their for Christmas to. Then we went back to rarotonga for new years where me and my family had a lunch. We catched up with all our other cousins and Aunties and Uncle. Then we came back home to new Zealand.   

Going up to whangarei was one of my holiday highlights. I have family up there so thats why we stayed with them for a little while. They stay in parua bay there's my three cousins Roimata,Te kirihi and Sonia and my Auntie and uncle. My cousin Te kirihi had just started working so we didn't see much of her. Sonia is the eldest child then comes Te Kirihi and the youngest Roimata. Roimata is nearly the same age except she is born four months earlier. We went swimming a lot because it was always boiling hot up their. We also played with their new dog Rex and their cat Monty. When it was time to come back down to Auckland we brought our cousin Roimata with us.

Seeing the family

When we came back down to Auckland we brought our cousin Roimata along with us. she stayed for a week and a half then went back up to Whangarei.  While she was down my other cousin Sophia came over to stay is well. We went swimming more at our local beach Pt England reserve and shopping at Sylvia park mall. One day we played and looked around mission bay. We made lots of video stars on my Ipod too .During the holidays and my cousins down it was my sisters Birthday she invited some of her friends over for a sleepover and to go swimming at the panmure pools. So we all went to the pools for a swim and we also played lots of games. When my sisters friends went home not long after did our cousins leave and Sophia and her dad took Roimata up to Whangarei.


It was sad when we left the islands because I miss my family and friends. It is also sad how I miss seeing my family from whangeria and Auckland.

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  1. Kia orana Ariana, I have really enjoyed catching up on your holidays. What a comprehensive recount. Did you take any photos - you know I enjoy seeing those :)
    It looks like you have made a great start to the year.

    Mrs Burt