Monday, 21 October 2013

Farming fish retold by Ariana

Richard live’s in a village togori on an island named makira in the solomon island Fish is very important to them
they don’t buy a lot of their food they catch it.His uncle isharah the(chief or bigman) want’s to help people in his village to get fish even when it’s bad weather.

He drew up a plan then the work began every one in the village came to help with the digging.The work really paid off and they moved a lot of dirt.The pool took about half a year they worked in the morning and in the evening but not in the afternoon because it’s too hot.When the pool was finished they had to join up to the river pipes then they took ten days to full.Uncle ishara released some mud fish in the pool we hoped they will survive and they did.

After three years the fish were ready to catch and eat.I like fishing so often I go and help my Uncle with the fish farm.One of my favorite job’s is feeding the fish with larvae of white ants , which live on the side if dead tree’s all around our village.They go crazy over it! But my best of all is catching the fish.I use traditional bamboo rod.I prepared the line with bait,cast it out,and before I know it,there’s a fish on the end of my line.I’m glad that I’ve helped Uncle Isaiah’s plan to succeed so well.These days,even when weather is too bad to go fishing out at sea,people in our village can still have fish for dinner.

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