Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Practise test

Today we had a writing test practise and we had to write about the picter that we choose  and it had to be about a farm this was the picter I choose
Blue =my results total 13/15Yellow =my friend's resault's13/15

“Go outside no one like’s you” say’s Tommy’s older brother Bobby. “You're a big meanie” cried out Tommy as he started to cry.They just had a fight over the last lollie pop in the lolly jar cause where they came from all  they eat is corn,beef and chicken.

Tommy was still sad he went outside down the road to the cornfield he started pulling out the weed’s then he saw and unusual bottle.The bottle had same gooey slime in it. .So he pulled it all around the cornfield.He went home after playing with the bottle he forgot all about the lollipop He was so tired of running all around the cornfield pouring that gooey slime on the corn.When he got home he jumped into bed and overnight that gooey slime that he poured all around the cornfield turned it into a monster a monster called corn prime.

That next morning He went down with his mum and dad to the supermarket in town to buy same more Chicken.When they got into town there in front of them was a building with corn all over it and next to that building was The cornanater. They hoped out of the car to see how big it was and it was about thirty feet tall and sixteen meter wide.

Tommy’s dad was a sintec so he quickly jumped back in the car and drove all the way back to his house run to his lab(Shed).Yelling at Tomming he grabs his lab coat and starts to make his poshin. All you could see was smoke everywhere then there was pink here and blue their.It looked like a disco but with lot’s and lot’s of smoke Finally he was finished and they hoped in the drove down the but their was a crash so they had to wait 10 minet’s.By the time they got their the place was like a farm but they    

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