Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Trip to Kelly Tarlton

For our learning we went to Kelly Tarlton you're probably wondering how Kelly Tarlton can help our learning .Well we are learning about Antarctica and all the animals that live in and around Antarctica Also their clothing.Kelly Tarlton is All about Antarctica and its Animals like penguin, seals, stingrays and what they wear.

It is an Aquarium full of fish and Antarctica animals.My favourite part of the trip was the penguins they only had two types of penguins. One of them were a king penguin and the other is a gentoo I want to be a gentoo because they are the cutest I think.The king penguins keeped on stretching their long yellow orange necks and the gentoo were just tabogaling on their bellies.

We walked over to see the fish and seahorses when I turned around I saw little clown fish they had so many they looked a bit like Nemo off finding Nemo.I also saw some other fish that look a bit like Nemos friend and some seahorses Did you know that the male seahorses are the ones that get pregnant?

We took our net books with us and we were in pairs or groups and we took one bag between us and it was my bag while I was walking around and suddenly my shoulder started to hurt.So I asked my partner Lucy if she could hold it for a little while but she said no thank you.I asked my friend Marilyn if she wanted to and she said yes.

When we got to the bus I took it back and it was a bit awkward sitting down because my partner Lucy. Was next to me and we hardly talked we only said about 35 words and that not normally for us I kept on thinking of things to say I kept on making her laugh.When we got back to school everything seemed to be normally again.    


  1. What a neat post Ariana! I really enjoyed the trip. I liked seeing all the penguins and hearing what the gentoo penguin was like. What was your favourite part?

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