Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My Ambassador application

Hi my name is Ariana and I would like to apply to be an Ambassador in 2014. I think I would be a good Ambassador because I love to share my work on my blog like DLO’s, stories and Animations.I can also be confident in front of a crowd and speak clearly when I’ve been in acting and presenting roles.

I love school and everyone in it. My favourite subject is writing and reading here is a link to one of my story’s I have published on my blog Link

Now for maths, I love it! But it’s really hard. I keep giving it my all. The thing I like about maths is ...... well.... all of it! My math’s Teacher is Mr Marks. Right now were learning about Measurement but here is somthing I published earlier in the year Link

The fish of Maui is a DLO I have published. It tells us how New Zealand was made The north island is a fish the head of the fish is facing the south island, the south island is Maui’s Waka and Stewart island is his anchor. Sorry for spoiling the movie here is the link anyway Link

Can’t wait to hear from you :-)

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