Tuesday, 17 December 2013

2013 Refleiction

Hi this is my 2013 Reflection

I love to share my work on my blog like DLO’s, stories and Animations.I think using a netbook is way better than boring paper and pencil.My favourite subject is writing and reading.

The thing I like about maths is ...... well.... all of it! My math’s Teacher is Mr Marks. Right now were learning about Measurement. My favourite subject in math’s is Addition I like Addition more because it’s fun and easy.The one I think I need to work on more is my times tables.This year Mr marks has taught me loads one of them is how to measure triangles and squares with the length and width and even the height.

Reading  and writing is so much fun in fact it’s my favourite subject in school I like them because It’s easy and because you can talk about you’ve done like in the weekend,the holidays and even at home. 

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