Monday, 10 March 2014

Year five & six camp

Year Five & six camp is were we camp out on the field we also sleep in tents and get into groups with leaders and I am one of those leaders. I am a team leader with Collin and our team is called The Care Takers and our team teacher is Mrs lavakula. A Team leader is a person who is in control of a group and some one who will be a Great role model. Camp leaders also have to make up dance moves for our camp item.Were doing our dance to Trouble maker we had to pick a song out of a box and read it out loud.

At camp we play lots of games outdoor and inside ones. A lot of our teachers and Parents are helping out with all of this stuff they help out with the food right to making sure we go to sleep all right .On Friday were going swimming at the Manuera pools Its going to be so much fun. At the Manuera pools theres a big slide were you drop then fly up in the air and splash in the water. You can also bomb in the pools.

Are you woundering were we sleep? Well were all sleeping in tents Thats right tents.We have to provide ourselves with a sleeping bag and a pillow.We don,t need to bring a tent they provide us with tents and we don't have one all to ourselves we have to share with other pepole from your own group.boys stay in there tents and girls stay in our tents so we get put into a tent with a friend.

 Im so looking forward to camp I hope I have fun like last year.

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