Monday, 24 March 2014

Butterfly life cycle

Stage 1 and 2
Do you ever wonder how butterfliesare made?
As  the sesame seed size egg lays on the outside of the leaf the mother lays hundreds of egg. The egg will turn from light green to light grey when its light grey it will be ready to Squirmin its way out of the egg. Once its out  it will eat the rest of the egg,the egg has vitamin C in it so it is healthy and Nutritious.

Stage 3 and 4

When the caterpillar has eaten the rest of the egg it will eat the milkweed leaves it would eat and eat.The caterpillar would shed its skin four to five times. When its time the Caterpillar would crawl over to a branch and find a comfortable spot and hang its selves upside down and turn itself into a cocoon shaped Chrysalis.

Stage 5 and 6

The caterpillar will take about three to four weeks to turn into a Chrysalis but when its ready to came out it will spread its wings. It will take the butterful butterfly about seven minutes four the blood to get into all of the blood vesels  and for the wing to grow bigger and stronger. In this stage of life the butterfly will fly off to find a mate and to start this life cycle all over again.

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