Monday, 3 March 2014

Use your W.I.T.S

This is my explanation of how to use your WITS.

Have you ever been bullied before? you should use your wits because they can help you when your anyoned or angry. Wits can also help in a problem or in a disagreement.

When your angry do you just feel like hitting something? You should use your wits just walk away and find something to do to take your mind of it. If you hit them you should put yourself in their shoes and how would you feel if someone hit you?

I is for ignore it, you need to ignore something like if someones being a bully or if someones being mean.If you're in a fight or something worst and you want to fix it. Its simple just ignore it. If this doesn't work maybe T will help you.

Now for T, T is for talk about if it is getting to tough to handle a problem or if you disagree with your friend talk about.

If the problem has gone to far seek help go find a teacher or an adult to help out with the problem. Because S means seek help.

I hope this has helped you with your problems. Will just run through them one last time W is for walk away, I is for ignore it, T is for talk about it and S is for seek help.

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