Monday, 10 March 2014

Writing test (A Good friend)

This is my writing test we had to do a explanation of what a good friend is.

This term our topic is Tiaki Toanga that means to care,to care for our people, to care for our school, to care for our efforts and to care for our success.

A good friend,It doesn't matter what they look like it doesn't matter what shape they are it doesn’t even matter what they wear you know they're a good friend if their. Nice,caring,thoughtful,protects you,has your back and Supports you. They can turn your frown upside down.

If you see someone with no friends or alone you should go up to them and ask them if they want to play with you,invite them to play in your game or ask them Questions about him or her. You never know you might have the same things in common.

If someones bulling you,teasing or just being a big meany then you know thats not a good friend. Because good friends don’t do that. You need to ignore people who do that and find people who look after you and care about you. If you fall down and hurt yourself a good friend will help you up and ask you if you're all right and they might take you to get a plaster or to clean it up.

Me and my friend Brooklyn are best friends thats only causes we care for each other and are nice to each other if we were fighting all the time then we wouldn’t be friends so if you be nice care and look after others around you then you could have a million friends. 

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