Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Google expedition

Yesterday wasn’t a normal Tuesday because that morning we had the opportunity to take part in a google expedition. I was in the first group and we got given a piece of cardboard with a phone in it this was called a google cardboard. All of the phones inside were controlled by an ipad which means the person controlling the ipad gets to choose what place you're going to see next. We placed it over our eyes and on the phone it read waiting for teacher. 
Because Mr Clark hadn’t started the program yet.

All of a sudden POW we were in the Borneo rain forest accompanied by David Attenborough and some other people we were near a cave that was pitch black inside. Mr Clark paused the screens again and asked us “Do you wanna go some where different?” We all answered back “YES”. 

 The next place we visited was a forest we were surrounded by lots of trees and leaves. Mr Clark gave us a challenge to try spot the python Ahhh it was on the ground right next to me I zoomed in on it to take a closer look. It was time to head to the next place.

 We were all excited about these google card board , the last place we visited was outta space it was so cool I saw the moon,the sun,galaxy the earth and more we could also see the earth's atmosphere. I would like do this again. I also think that this will help people in the future to learn more about the earth and animals.

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