Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Amazing race test writing

At Pt england school on the 27th of october 2015. All of team 5 had a fun time. What is this fun time you ask? Well all the students got into groups and we all did challenges and played game this event was called the AMAZING RACE. The reason we did this was because all our teachers thought that we have all worked hard this year and wanted to give us a treat.
My group members where Brooklyn, Melenoa, Taunese, April and Paige. Our First activity was the Brain bust in this activity we had to answer and solve all the questions that got given to us.I found the questions tricky. One of the questions where what was the ancient egyptian invention that allowed people to see through walls? Luckily me and my friend Taunese figured it out it was windows. In no time we had to switch to the next activity.

Our next activity was Photo booth this activity was organist by my teacher Mrs Tele’a. For this event you had the task of dressing up and taking a happy photo,a serious photo and a crazy photo. Me and some of my other group members wore blue afro wigs for some reason they reminded me of the 70’s and the song YMCA.This was my favourite activity because we got to have lot’s of fun in dressing up and making different facials.

Up next was Cookie face this was a old time game where you had to bend your head back and place a cookie on your forehead and the aim of the game was to get the cookie in your mouth the fastest without using your hands all you had to do was use the muscles in your face to push it down into your mouth. Sadly I didn’t get it in my mouth but I was really close.

After Cookie face it was time for pea pipes this was our last task and in it we had to get most of the peas from one bowl to the other bowl across the court. Their was a trick though we had to suck the peas up from a straw to carry them across to the other bowl. To win this you had to be the team that got the most peas to the other bowl. This incident was sure to be a race against time. In a blink of an eye It was over.

I thought It was a good way to cooperate as a team and to test our teamwork skills.I hope that we get to do another thing like the fun time again.

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