Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tom and Erika

Far Far away on a little island called Mania their lived a mouse called Tom and a Kiwi named Erika.  They were about to go on an Adventurer to find the lost Ruby. before they left home their parents said have fun but don't talk to strangers. So off they went. Swimming though the lake that had five thousand Alligators and Swinging across vines With Angry Monkeys. Until they Stop they were standing right in front of the Ruby the only thing stopping them was  well............Nothing. They Decide that they didn't wont to take it cause they just Remembered that the only reason no one took the Ruby all these years cause it can release Ghost and Spirits that can take over the world.

So they went back home but on there way home a snake appeared out of nowhere named Jojo. He said do you want same candy Erika and Tom said yes please and took a hand full. Yum they said as they swallowed it in one gulp. Then they started felling dizzy then later on they were Jumping up and down and saying Twinkle toes. Till finale they fell down and went to sleep. When they woke up they were in a cage and were about to be came dinner for the snake family. Erika said to Tom I think that was silly lollies that make you do silly things then makes you fall to sleep just like that. Jojo saw Erika and Tom escaping  and running away so he said the prisoners are escaping help their escaping. SSS were gonna catch SSS yousSSSSSS said the snake family. They chased each other for ages Tom and Erika saw a hole that they could hide so together they jumped in it while the snakes weren't looking. One of the snakes said come out come out were ever you are.  When the snakes left Tom and Erika hopped out and walked back home

When they got home they run to their parents and told them what had happened earlier that day.They told them how they swam across a lake with five thousand Alligators, how they swung across vines with angry monkeys. Their parents thought they were lying but they weren't. As the sun dropped behind the tree tops they had dinner they had Fish n cheese Erika had fish Tom had Cheese.They all lived Happily ever after.

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