Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Holiday Highlight

Sitting on the ground waiting for the movie to start I spotted my friends Kevine and Alazae So I run up to them and said hi. They were going to get a balloon and their face paint and we went in the line to get a balloon. Unfortunately we were going to get swords but the balloon maker broke his equipment.

So we hopped in the face painting line. At the front of the line I went first I got a star with my initials in it. So did they. Finally the balloon maker came back and we got our sword. Mine was purple, Kevines was Red and Alazae got blue.

I went back to my mum and sister. A strange sound came out of nowhere and said free chocolate came and get free chocolate. So me and my sister run to the back where the chocolate was. There was a big line in fact it wasn’t a line it was a big blob.

Finally we got a block of chocolate each when we got back to our spot There was a boy who keeps going back and forward at the End he had about ten blocks of chocolate. Our mum felt bad for some other kids because they didn’t have any so we gave one to them. Plus we already bought Chocolate with us.

The movie was going to start soon so everyone sat down and the sound of babies and kids playing on the park got softer and softer. Then the movie started. At the end of the Movie I was freezing cold so we went home and went to bed.

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