Thursday, 28 March 2013

Smell of Omaru creek water

Testing Omaru Creek for - smell

I am going to find out: What dose the creek smell compared to other water.

I am going to test this by: getting same samples an smelling them.

Resources and equipment: our nose and 4 samples of the brigde water, culvet water,sea water,tap water.A bucket and a string.  

I predict that: the culvert will smell like rubber on the road

I think this because: it is near the road and the road works

Results of my tests

Sea Water
Odourlees but a bit salty
Tap water
fresh and clean
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Omaru Creek water by bridge

My conclusion (what I found out): That the creek didn’t smell as bad as I thought it would Ithought it would smell like poo

Why I think this is: I think because there were no road works today

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