Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Immersion Assembly Term 4

Here at Pt england school we’ve started off the term with a big Immersion assembly. At this Immersion assembly all the teachers made a skit or movie informing their students about what their going to be learning this term.

 The Topic this term is SURVIVOR and how to outwit,outsmart and outlast

 First up was Team 1 The teachers and kids this term will be going to the zoo and learning more about different animals and their species. Then it was Team 2 and 3’s turn, their going to be learning more about Dinosaurs and some will be creating their own Dinosaurs. Team 4 made a movie involving students from their class all they told their students was that they have to guess what animal was behind them and in what habitat except that they couldn’t see the animals behind them cause they used green screen and sound effects. A lot of the kids gave funny answers like this one girl venetia she was in the sea and she thought she was in candyland and she thought the animals behind her was a unicorn.

 Then Team five came out they did a little skit where all the teachers were contestants on a show named Survivor, Mr Wiseman was the host for the show. They had to do a competition they had to see who called eat a plate of noodles with chopsticks the quickest. Miss Clark won after she said how easy it was because she grew up in Asia and some of the other contestants like Miss Peato and Miss Miseala were saying how it wasn’t fair because in their countries Samoa and Tonga they don’t use chopsticks they use their hands. 

Overall I am kind of excited for this terms topic I hope it’s really fun, My goals for this term is to be more active/healthy and to be kinder to people I hope I can stick to these goals.

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