Sunday, 23 August 2015

GEG NZ summit

Last week on Wednesday the extension group went on a trip to Hobsonville point primary to present at the GEG NZ.

We all woke up at the crack of dawn to be at school by 7 o’clock in the morning. When we got to school we all meet in the Creative space where we marked the roll and got prepared. In no time it was time to go we all hopped into vans all the girls went in one except for me and my friend Lucy instead we went in the van with all the boys because their was no more space. It took a whole hour to get their and when we got their we were given swag bags they contained thing that would help us survive the day like a notepad with pens,a map of the school and some chips. We all went to some table where we decorated them with stickers and felts.

After that we played some games and then it was time to go in the hall where they sang as a himene and introduced a man named Toby SCcar he is  a CEO of his own company did I say he was only 16. After that we went to some presentations were kids from other schools present and taught us something new my group went to red beach school where they showed us how to use and create a quiz website called Kahoot. first you search up kahoot game based digital on google.
Second step is to click get my free account. Step three is to enter your role and other details after you have done that you you can choose either a quiz, Decision or a survey choose which one you want to make if you wanna make a quiz you click quiz and start writing your questions and when your done that you scroll to the bottom and put your answers in and mark which is the correct then press save and continue if you want to finish. .

we then had lunch and after that my group went to watch another presentation but the other group went to present them self. They were talking about how we use PENN our Pt england news network. and they made their own movie too . Then It was lunch again we all played tiggy on the park.. After that it was time for us to present we presented to some of the kids from Rowandale school.. We talked about what apps we use and how we use them we then did a hands on activity where they made a presentation where they wrote done some things that they learned that day.Then we had our last activity where we were aloud to go to any activity. The school me and some of my friends went to was Rowandale school where they talked to us about Photosphere it’s a app that you use to create a 360 view of something we made our own, we then watched and played games on these phones. At the end we all went back to the hall and had a prizegiving where some people got prizes my friend Lucy got a 20 dollar voucher to DExtech.. Overall I think I learnt a lot and made great friends I had a a really fun day.

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